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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

July Ultimate Blog Post - determination

Day Four of the July Ultimate Blog Challenge. The word of the day is determination,

Some people see it as stubbornness--I call it determination. That ability to focus on the task at hand and devote all your energies to realizing completion. Determination is the fuel that propels a person's accomplishments.

When my son and I agreed to buy and move a house onto our property so he and his teenage daughter would be close by for me, it took determination to overcome the hurdles involved.

I didn't agree with the spot he chose to place the building...more than 300 feet deep into the property. It created additional costs and a whole lot of extra work. The electric company serving this area required a 30-foot area beneath the proposed line from street to house be cleared of all vegetation. I lost count of how many trees needed to be cut down in the process.

It took determination to push ourselves in hot Texas summer days to fulfill the requirement. But the rewards for our labors exceeded expectations.

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  1. It doesn't matter what one calls it...But there time we all need to stand our grounds and set boundries.
    Coffee is on