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Monday, July 23, 2018

July Ultimate Blog Challenge - variety

The word of the day is variety. It's been said variety is the spice of life. How much variety does your life contain? Are you finding yourself bogged down in the sameness of everyday life? With so much of our days locked into the sameness of routine, how does one go about injecting some variety?

As I accumulate years, I too find myself settling into those comfortable routines. Start the day with social media, cup of coffee in hand. From there, move to the desk in bedroom where I write my Morning Pages, breakfast in hand. And so it goes...every day much like the previous. I do try to add a bit of variety in my food choices to start the day...cold cereal or egg and toast or oatmeal. Some days I get ambitious and make myself a spinach omelet. But, come on. That's all so boring, right?

To tell the truth, as I started to put this blog together, my mind went blank when I tried to come up with ways in which I could add variety to my life.

Life hasn't always been this dull and predictable. There have been periods of challenging, exciting adventures along the way. My first-time flight cross-country to re-connect with my soon-to-be-husband at the innocent age of eighteen. Standing on the sidewalk with office compatriots cheering our president just minutes before his assassination. The three-week family vacation, including eighty-year-old father, spent driving across Germany, France and England. The thrill of holding a fresh copy of my first published book, 'Til Death Do Us Part (https://www.amazon.com/Til-Death-Do-Us-Part-ebook/dp/B005H7LNF2/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF80.

So, I'm challenging myself today. Taking a long look at my life and will seek out ways to add variety to my life. Will you take the challenge with me? I'd sure like to hear of your successes or failures.


  1. Adding variety into our lives isn't always easy, whether it's a change of meal or a routine. I wonder if it starts with mastering something completely new and different? I guess it depends on the degree of variety one wants in life, huh? Today I took a 3-mile walk (to the bank and back), which was a little unusual. I started running awhile back and that adds a little variety to my day. Good question!
    PS I love the watercolor landscape for your blog!

    1. The older I get, the harder it is for me to make changes in my life, Amy

  2. It's always good to switch things up a bit so that we don't fall into a rut.

  3. Variety is a good thing, but changes are so-o-o hard.