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Thursday, July 19, 2018

July Ultimate Blog Challenge - remembering

The word of the day is remembering. The ability to remember is such a handy skill - I wish I were more adept at it. Senior moments are an everyday occurrence for me. Some things come easy to remember, like my glasses. It's hard to forget to attach-to-face immediately upon waking since everything is a blur when I open my eyes.

But not everything is so easy to remember. I rely heavily on habit to keep things on an even roll. And notes...those scattered notepads and accompanying pens in every room really come in handy. Suppose I'm in the bathroom and notice there's only one roll of paper on the shelf? I make a beeline to the kitchen counter's on-going list to add that item.

Now it isn't only for items I need to restock I use that shopping list. It could include anything that needs to be gotten or done away from the house. The nearest city with a choice of stores is thirty miles away. I'm too far out in the country for a pizza delivery when I crave that TV snack. And I can't jump in the car for a quick run every time I need peanut butter for my lunch's sandwich. Pick up a library book? On the list. Need summer shoes? On the list.

So I keep a list going and not just one for shopping or errands. Sometimes a list gets made to help me remember the car's oil needs changing or I'm supposed to mail that card tomorrow.

I'm new to a smart phone, having given myself permission to graduate from flip-phone to smart just in the last year. I know there's a feature somewhere in that contraption for writing notes. Now...if I can just remember how to access it.

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