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Sunday, July 29, 2018

July Ultimate Blog Challenge - candle choices

Do you associate some ritual with a daily task? For years. I've taken time each morning to sit at my bedroom desk and hand-write three pages in a spiral notebook. I always use the same kind of notebook. And part of my preparation is to keep a scented candle lit while I write. Don't ask me why - I just do.

As the candle presently in use burns down to nothing, I know I'll need to find a replacement soon. And that got me thinking. If you are a candle-person, what's your preference? Do you prefer one that has been formed inside some type of glass container, or are you like me, rather have a candle without any outside covering, just set on something to catch any possible drips?

We all have different preferences, and as individuals, are equipped with different skills and talents. My two sons were as different as night and day. The older seemed to breeze through school without breaking into a sweat and gifted in the arts. He showed an early love for the piano and began  composing when only eight years old. He went on to achieve his degree in music, eventually taught piano at Willamette University in Oregon.

My younger son has a mechanical bent. School was hard for him but he drove the tractor before he was twelve. He continues to amaze me with his innate understanding of any kind of machinery. I'm thankful he lives close by, especially now that my husband is deceased. I can call on him for any  kind of crisis that arises, knowing he probably can fix whatever's gone wrong.

Reminds me of that familiar cliche - different strokes for different folks. Each of us are endowed, whether you believe genetically or spiritually, with unique gifts and talents. I challenge myself to  always acknowledge and embrace the differences. Will you take the challenge?

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  1. You sound like a wonderful mom. I'm a bit estranged from my parents for my own mistakes but I hear my mom in your words. Different strokes, yes, but every mom loves her kids no matter what.