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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

July Ultimate Blog Challenge - quilting

(Never attempted anything this small)

The word of the day is quilting.

Any quilters out there? This is something that gives me great pleasure. To be honest, what I do isn't really quilting. You know, that older-than-the-hills skill of using needle and thread to create a pleasing object from fabric. My thing is the piecing part of quilting.

It's playtime for me to shuffle through a stack of disparate scraps of fabric left-over from mine or someone else's sewing projects, choosing one or two, laying them beside each other, and deciding whether the combination will work or not. I like the fact that such a melange of color and pattern can be combined to make a colorful and warming covering.

Over the years, I've made pieced blankets in all sizes. Some years back, I got totally immersed in creating miniature quilts. Duplicating a design intended to cover a bed that's been reduced to using pieces sometimes only an inch in size I found quite challenging.

Now, I've set myself the goal of using up all those fabric scraps collected over the years. They're being implemented into cheerful, warm coverings that I will donate to a friend who ministers to the homeless in her city.

They may not qualify as creative art but someone will get comfort and warmth from my efforts. And I'll pat myself on the back for a job well done.


  1. It been a while since I did any quilting

  2. Its something I keep coming back to every once in a while.