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Saturday, July 28, 2018

July Ultimate Blog Challenge - do you review?

 Whew! This writing a blog a day has been a real challenge. Made it through the alphabet with a posting for each letter of the alphabet.  Some came easily, some were a struggle.

Today I'm taking a bit of a departure and want to talk about something very important to me as an author. Actually this is something all published authors crave. Reviews. Reviews are a vital part of an author's success or failure in this digital world we now live in. 

Recently fellow author Betty Lee Crosby (https://www.facebook.com/authorbetteleecrosby/?hc_ref=ARSJSgw8lxDChlxgSRaHYddSd1vnK7LEqBZ--ACoZ8vuQgft5aKZ28i0-4Vm5dQ9zp8) took a poll, asking her followers if they ever wrote reviews and where did they post them. I took advantage of the responses to compile a list of internet sites where a reader can let an author know their reaction to what they read.

Here are some of the responses: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Facebook,  Goodreads, Twitter, Library Thing, Pinterest, Instagram, Book Brows, Booksy, BookBub, Net Gallery, and Audible. 

Some of these sites are not familiar to me and some I never considered posting a book review there. But, I'm challenging myself to write a review for every book I read (and I'm a voracious reader - in the middle of three at a time right now.)

Let me challenge you, if you enjoy a good read or even if it didn't meet your expectations. Take a moment or two to post a review. It doesn't need to be lengthy, just a sentence or two expressing your response to something an author put many months into writing. And, if you haven't read any of my books, let me encourage you to go to https://www.amazon.com/Gay-Ingram/e/B008VS6AJI and check them out.

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