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Friday, July 13, 2018

July Ultimate Blog Challenge - learning

(Not the correct year model but the right color)

The word of the day is learning, as in I've been learning to live alone after being married for fifty-nine years. He was a good provider and took care of me for all those years. It has been fifteen months since my husband's death after two and a half years of being his caretaker.

I've learned to remember to check the gauge in the car so I never run out of gas. In fact, I even negotiated the unknown waters of shopping for and buying a used car. My son wasn't too happy with my choice of a Kia Soul since he's a die-hard Jeep or Ford truck guy. But, I notice he never refuses when I offer the keys anytime we're going somewhere together.

 I've learned I don't panic in an emergence such as when a flooded bathroom floor told me I had a serious septic problem. Thank goodness for a willing son nearby to help with the repair and cleanup.

I notice time has a way of dissipating now that I live alone.  Household chores like cooking and cleaning don't seem to come around as often now that there's only me. Mealtime comes when hunger insists it needs attention.

Since I've always been a self-motivated kind of person and stayed busy learning a new craft or other, I never have a problem filling the hours of the day. If I grow bored with one project, I move on to some new craft or skill to conquer. It seems like there is always something new to learn in life.

Actually, if I stop and consider, my whole life has been a learning experience and I bet yours has been too. From the day of our first breath to the very last, we are on a learning curve.

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