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Monday, July 2, 2018

July Ultimate Blog Challenge - bewildered

(Photo courtesy of Google Images-
this is not my brother's picture) 

Day Two of July Blog Challenge - the word of the day is bewildered. The state of being my brother was in yesterday.

Victims of Alzheimer's have to cope with the bewildering experience of memory loss. In the past, my brother owned a landscaping business and took pride in the fact that he had the mechanical abilities and know-how to keep his equipment in top-notch running condition.

Yesterday he came to me, completely baffled by his inability to comprehend what mechanical failure prevented him from getting his mower to run. "I used to know but I can't figure out why it's not getting fuel." This was the first time I'd heard him express frustration about not being able to resolve a mechanical problem. It told me he had moved from the denial stage to the frustration stage of this advancing disease.

Up until now, he would scoff when I pointed out he was experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer's.  I can recount numerous times of  'forgetfulness' since he came to Texas to live. Arriving hours early for an appointment and then completely forgetting about it when it came time to leave. Dealing with numbers of any kind send him into a panic and he's allowed me power of attorney to handle his financial affairs.

I'm a bit apprehensive of the coming days, knowing this is just a fore-taste of the future. Thank goodness I can count on My Father providing all my needs...which most likely will be lots of patience.

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