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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

July Ultimate Blog Challenge - java

The word of the day is java. Some of you youngsters may not be familiar with the word. It's a slang word referring to a cup of coffee. In earlier times, the island of Java was a source of coffee beans (and it would have been stamped on the sacks they came in), hipsters of the early 20th century adopted java among many other terms as slang for coffee.

Did you know people have been drinking coffee since the middle of the 15th century? Wives of Norwegian immigrants originated the coffee break in the late 19th century. There's even a  Coffee Break Festival celebrated every year in the city of Stoughton, Wisconsin.  (http://www.stoughtonwi.com/events/details/stoughton-coffee-break-festival-2018-2351)

Close friends know how much of a coffee drinker I am. The drink of choice here in East Texas is sweet iced tea. Even though it's been sixty years since I 'came south', I never developed at taste for iced tea.

My day starts with a cup of steaming coffee as I scroll through  messages and emails. Usually there's a second cup at mid-morning. For some reason, in the summertime I skip it with lunch. My drink of choice then is usually a tall glass of raspberry iced tea. Perhaps our Texas summers have something to do with my choice. There could be n afternoon break for coffee if I can stop what I'm doing long enough. But most evenings, there's coffee beside me as I wind down my day.

Well, enough of this...time for a java break.

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