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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Getting Back Into The Groove

Busy, busy, busy...isn't everyone these days?

But now that the 2015 NETWO Writers' Conference is over and done with -- and for those that attended, wasn't it a powerhouse of information and marvelous presenters? I'm always delighted to hear from experts in the writing/publishing world and to meet new folks traveling this journey with me.

Then I've had to contend with the personal challenge of a husband in and out of the hospital a couple times since the first of the year and taking over some of the chores I always depended upon him to get done.

Now, I've got to get geared up for the approaching release of my latest, Mai Lin: Another New Beginning, which has a release date of May 12th. Anyone who's had a book published recently knows the promo and marketing has been dumped in the author's lap.

I say all that to ask you, my subscribers, if I have your consent to add your email address to a mailing list. I'm hoping to make use of the services of Mailchump to help get the word out about Mai Lin. I hope you'll all take a moment to respond with a hearty "Yes."

Another of my goals is to become more consistent on this blog with a desire to share with you something of interest and informative, I hope, at least once a week. Hearing from you about how I'm doing will be a tremendous encouragement.

So for now I'll close with this tidbit from Sol Stein: "In our daily work and play, our senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell define the world for us. Don't let your senses atrophy; don't take your senses for granted."