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Friday, January 8, 2016

Mixing The Arts

Lately my writing has taken a back seat. I've rediscovered (after 40+years) the joy of painting with oils. My first few attempts were exercises in becoming once again familiar with the media. This first was done when attending a group painting party just before Christmas.

After an inventory of brushes and paints, I stopped in this really neat shop I've discovered called How Great Thou Art. (http://www.artworldlongview.com/In-the-Works.html) It's located in the Brookwood Mall on McCann Road and Studio Director Susan L Tanner is just a terrific person. She spent gobs of time with me answering my questions and sharing what tools do what.

Armed with the proper tools, well a beginning of, I've spent pleasant hours these past weeks on the following:
I'm first to admit they are quite amateurish in technique, but am so rewarded by the satisfaction derived from the time spent.

Another blessing came as a result of a brother-in-law's fondness for estate sales. He picked up a well-loved painter's box for peanuts just because it was a bargain. When my sister offered to send it to me, I leaped at the offer. Despite the shipping cost, I've already gotten hours of pleasant occupation out of its contents. A little glue, some time spent cleaning leaked paint and I have a marvelous addition to my newest addiction.

So, now I'm getting serious. In my files was a short story for children written years ago that could become a charming book, I think. Just to prove to myself I can do it, I've started painting the needed illustrations to turn the story into a children's book. Already have two completed, but more on that later as the project develops.