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Friday, January 5, 2018

Which Way Is North?

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One of the prompts Paul Taubman, moderator for https://ultimateblogchallenge.com/, gave us  was the four cardinal directions. Now, I'm not going to address the all-too-familiar north-south-east-west, but it did get me thinking about a characteristic I've noticed in some people. Unlike myself, it appears they have absolutely no sense of direction.

Early on, as I began to navigate on my own, I came to realize there is this inner certainty I have most time about where each of these points of direction are in relation to myself. There have been times, especially when traveling unknown territory, I was able to sense which direction I should head when the road didn't agree with the map in my head.

Not that I am always correct. It doesn't seem to work when I'm within walls. How many times, in conversation with my husband, did he have to correct the way I pointed? Even though I know our house is situated to face a north-easterly direction, when indicating the nearby town of Big Sandy, I almost invariably pointed toward the north instead of the south.

Of course, there isn't any opportunity for getting confused or lost any more now, is there? All we have to do is download a GPS map and our smart phone will direct us, turn by turn, to where we want to go.

And yet, my first trip to Texarkana last fall for a writers event, why was it on all three tries, my GPS directed me to the Federal Correctional Institution and told me I had arrived at my motel?


  1. Oh Gay, that is funny! Yes, we have to be careful and aware of the GPS.

  2. You talkin’ ‘bout me? Yes, I’m one of those directionally challenged. I tell my husband that’s why I married him. He helps me find my way or drives me there.