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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Finding A New Life

I watched him set out on his daily walk despite temperatures hovering around the freeze mark. His recent move from another state left him without friends. Even his dog of several years had to be left behind.

Shortly, he was back, all excited over meeting our nearest neighbor and their conversation. They were about the same age; had both served in the Air Force at the same time. To make the coincidence even more unusual, while serving, both had been assigned to the same duties, however in different countries.

As the conversation progressed, the neighbor mentioned a non-functioning chainsaw. The new-comer was quick to offer assistance as he had once worked at maintaining small motors and was fully equipped with all the needed tools.

He came home, grabbed his tools, and rushed away, only to be gone close to a couple hours. A grin split his face upon his return and he walked with almost a swagger. "Got one chainsaw running then took apart a second one to locate the part that needed replacing." He shrugged out of his hooded jacket. "I showed him how to lay out the parts in order as they came off so it would be easy to put the machine back together."

When he came back from hanging up his jacket, he added, "Oh, and he gave me ten dollars I never even asked."

Sometimes it only takes a little thing to help a person feel life is worthwhile.


  1. It's amazing how something little can make another person's day. A kind word, an understanding smile, just a pat on the back. Nice post and reminder.

  2. When you engage in others lives, it puts a spark back in yours. You're not alone in this world. Enjoyed the post.

    1. I've been a life-long volunteer and wouldn't know how to survive without someone else to do for.

  3. Glad to here he made a friend and was able to feel useful and worthwile.