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Friday, January 12, 2018

Places I Write

Acting on a prompt from our fearless leader, Paul Taubman, I did some digging to locate pictures taken over the years of my writing space and how it's evolved. The above photo is from years back when I turned part of our spare bedroom into a writing space. Take a closer look at that "antique" computer.

When my husband retired, he needed the space for his drafting table and a computer of his own. That's when I moved out of the house and into this little cabin we'd had built originally for a shop. The herb business 'went south' and gradually the cabin got filled up with all the stuff I needed to engage in my hobbies.
It's amazing how much I was able to stuff into that little 10 X 14 building. It became my writing/crafting/sewing and lately. my painting space. This little building served those activities of my life for many, many years. Here's a picture of one corner.
Since my husband's death earlier this spring, I did some re-arranging. I moved the table and chairs out of the dining area of my house and set up two desks across the space; one for writing and one for social media stuff. I especially appreciate being able to scoot my chair from one station to the other. (Call me lazy.)

My workstation in the house also includes a collection of healthy house plants just out of sight on the left. This area has proved to provide a perfect environment for the plants.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour.


  1. Nice. I want an "office/personal writing room" again. I miss being able to get away from everyone and be quiet.

  2. Well, I wouldn't recommend the change that brought about the recent change of space. BTW-did we get okay from Angel Network?

  3. Great way to utilize a space that may have gone unused otherwise. I like that it's quiet so you can think and write. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I do a lot of house sitting - so have to write anywhere, though I do like to use a space at the library. No interruptions.

    1. house-sitting seems like a nice way to live. Have never had to avoid distractions by using a library's facilities