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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

On The Road With Helen Keller

In her autobiography, Midstream, Helen Keller wrote about her experiences traveling about the country. Blind and deaf because of an illness when she was only eighteen months old, Helen's writings struck me as lyrical and filled with descriptions that appealed to the senses. May I share a short passage?

"My life had been as it were 'between the budding and the falling leaf, and I had felt along my veins the thrill of the vine and blossom. inter and spring had brought me wind-blown messages across marsh, brook, and stone-walled fields. I had felt God's great freedom all around and free life's song the only sound."

How was it possible for her to create such a visual picture?

Through a friendship with Martha Washington, the young daughter of the family cook, the two developed a sign language of more than sixty signs by which they communicated. When she was six years old, Anne Sullivan came into her life. This began a 49-year relationship between teacher and pupil. 

At ten years of age, Keller began speech classes at the Horace Mann School for the Deaf in Boston. She would toil for 25 years to learn to speak so that others could understand her.
This speaks to me of persistence and determination. I marvel at the power of the human spirit that overcame such tremendous obstacles and gave the world such a compelling message of hope.


  1. I want very much to visit Helen Keller's childhood home in Alabama. She always has been an inspiration to me - was fortunate enough to be alive at a time she still was among the living.

  2. Love these nuggets you come up with. Helen Keller's story is one of my favorite! Great job, Gay!

  3. This story is one that always amazes me. Helen Keller has shaped a world for many deaf/blind people. Her accomplishments are wonderful.

  4. A remarkable woman, an inspiration to me. I loved the movie, The Miracle Worker.


  5. Yes, her story is amazing. Thank you for reminding me of her accomplishments. I must see the movie.

  6. Truly an inspiration; she and Anne Sullivan--a remarkable team.