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Friday, January 2, 2015

Day Two of a Thirty-One-Day Challenge

Okay, okay. So I'm a glutton for punishment. Have to admit I just can't ignore a challenge. So, hopefully, you can look forward to getting some kind of gibberish from me every day for the whole month.

A month or so ago I downloaded a fifteen-lesson course that promised to teach me everything I needed to know about successfully using a blog to promote my books. What with the busyness of the holidays and a rash of book-signings, I've managed to peruse only lesson one and two.

The subject of lesson one was the importance of your blog name. Since this blog has been active (off and on) for a couple of years, I saw no need to expend any mental anguish on something different. I like the name I came up with...Comparing Apples & Oranges...it provided an opening for a wide variety of subjects.

If you've been curious enough to read past postings on this site, you will see how eclectic my postings are. In 2013, I did a series on the origins of common sayings and shared about phrases such as "What's Under Your Hat?" and "Mind Ypur P's & Q's."

2012 delved into the origin of a host of Christmas traditions like the history of the Candy Cane and the Kissing Ball. I tapered off in 2014--far fewer postings--mostly dealing with what was happening in my writing career at the moment or somehow related to writing in some way.

Tomorrow I may write about Lesson Two...and then perhaps not. May just wait and see what the Muse brings to mind to share.

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