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Monday, February 4, 2013


Thought I'd share a bit of flash fiction today.
“Now, for all you lonely people out there...,” the sultry sound of the D. J. caused Doug’s blood pressure to soar. Since he’d found Monique’s late night program, his insomnia was no longer a problem. Skipping past long-winded preachers and someone selling house siding on the radio dial, his fingers had halted at the sound of her captivating voice. Its husky, breathless quality exuded sex with every word she spoke. Who cared about lost sleep when Monique kept him company in the dark? 

He closed his eyes and savored dulcet tones that caressed like a latte going down smooth. Monique even managed to make the weather report sound sexy. As she introduced each song, her words fell like whispered love words. Impatiently, Doug awaited each musical selection’s ending, eager to enjoy more of her alluring voice.

 Soothing strains of Strangers In The Night filled the darkened room. Doug found himself imagining what Monique looked like. She was young-sounding but some of the things she said convinced him she had life experiences to back up her opinions. He decided she had to be single because she never mentioned family when she spoke about her daily happenings. Over the course of the week since he’d discovered Monique, his sexual fantasies had grown downright erotic.

There must be some way to meet the had-to-be-spectacular body inhabited by this sexy voice. Well, he knew the location of her radio station. She left the air-waves at four a.m. What was to keep him from being there, waiting, when she left the building? He would introduce himself, say what a fan of hers he’d become, tell her how much her program had helped him, offer to buy her a cup of coffee. Hey! Miracles still happened, didn’t they? No telling what the coffee could lead to. He had to try.

From his parked car, Doug counted the passing minutes. He glance about the empty lot. Two other vehicles took up space, parked side by side as if keeping each other company. As the digital readout moved into the next hour, Doug lost his nerve. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. He couldn’t just walk up to her and start talking; she would consider him a threat or some kind of weirdo. He’d end up getting a face full of mace or something worse.

What was he thinking? Of course she’d notice a strange car parked in the near-empty lot. He turned on the ignition, thinking to get away before Monique came out. As he paused before pulling out, he caught the spill of light when the building’s door opened. He watched as a bent-over figure stepped through the opening. Behind her, a tall man resembling an overgrown bulldog remained in the doorway.

The heavy-set woman leaned on her walker and shuffled toward the black Chevrolet. Doug swallowed hard. She struggled to fold the walker beside her after settling behind the wheel. Doug scrunched downward, out of sight, as her headlights swept over him.             

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