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Monday, January 19, 2015

When I'm Not Writing...

I'm pretty faithful to dedicating a portion of my day to writing projects of one sort or another. But, sometime there  a day comes along when I can't resist the call of the outdoors. Today was one of those days.

Here in Texas our winter this year has been one of gray, overcast skies and biting cold North winds that keep a person trapped indoors. When this day gave indication of something vastly different, I set aside the computer and research book and answered the call.

With temperatures in the high 60's and the soft, southerly wind a mild five to ten miles per hour, I couldn't pass up the chance to get some yard cleanup done. We've got a lot of trees  on our property resulting in a dead-leaves cover. I began with the flower bed alongside the drive, removing leaves and sticks with a rake and drawing them into a long piled row in the middle of the paved drive.

Used to be (when I was younger and more physically able) the raked-up leaves would be put through a shredding machine and returned as mulch on my garden beds. This will be the first year I'm not up to the chore and other demands don't allow the time to do so. A couple hours work and I had completed a major yearly task.

Since we live in the country outside of city limits and any restrictions about burning, I have no hesitation about disposing of the accumulated leaves in this manner. And that's just what I did.

Of course, reading this you will realize I didn't stay away from the writing very long. I should have taken a picture of my leaves burning but you'll have to be satisfied with one captured in Google Images.


  1. I often forget to take a picture or don't have mine handy for those inspired moments when an activity would make a great blog post. Thank goodness for Google Images!

  2. Yes Teresa.
    As I was tending the fire, I told myself several times I needed to get my camera and take pictures but never took the time to enter the house and get it.