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Friday, January 23, 2015

Something Bloggers Need To Remember

This blogging is something I'm still learning. So,whenever I come across articles that I find helpful, I'm happy to share. Some of them are obvious and others, like #5 and #7 were things I never considered. The following tips came from Reuters News Agency and I found them very informational for bloggers. 
  1. Be interesting.
  2. Be conversational — raise questions, invite contributions, discuss what’s happening on other blogs, leave some loose ends, and respond to comments made by readers.
  3. Link to external sites with relevant information.
  4. Monitor other bloggers in the same space and attempt to build reciprocal links with them.
  5. Tag posts so that they are easy for search engines to find.
  6. Inject some personality into posts, and include observation and anecdote.
  7. Credit the original source of all content embedded in posts.
  8. Make use of multimedia whenever possible and think about a post’s layout.
  9. Make sure posts are seen by a second pair of eyes before publication.
  10. Place a link to blog posts on relevant social media.

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