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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pictures On My Refrigerator

Does anyone remember the craze of collecting magnets to decorate your refrigerator? My mother gathered so many there wasn't a bare spot to be seen. You could trace my parents' travels by the magnet she picked up in gift shops every time they stopped somewhere.

A refrigerator's surface makes an excellent gallery for many items, including pictures. Over the years, I've taken advantage of the refrigerator in my kitchen to post on permanent view pictures I don't want to hide away in a album or drawer.

I just paused long enough to go examine what's in my refrigerator's display. It surprised me to learn the pictures there span four generations. The oldest is a group shot of my four sisters and I taken during a rare family gathering. Considering we siblings reside in places from Connecticut to Arizona, our get-togethers as adults, especially the opportunity to spend a weekend just we sisters, no extended family, have been very few. Can't recall how long ago this shot was taken, but has to be before 2000.

Only one of my sons has his picture posted prominently. I'll have to remedy that and I know just the shot I'll print and post. A niece recently sent me a picture of my older son taken while he was away at college. It catches perfectly this grown-up who never lost touch with his inner child.

The next generation is represented by my three grand-daughters. High school picture of the sisters and first day of third grade of the other. Since their families reside cross-country, spending time with them doesn't happen often.

There's a whole group of my great-grands, Lexi & Joshua. They are only a year apart in age and my favorite is the one of them in their latest Halloween costumes.

I like having the pictures such a prominent part of my every day. Each time I pass or open the door is an occasion for remembering.

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