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Saturday, June 10, 2017

I've Been Invaded

Just as I settled into my retirement years, along came a twist I never anticipated. Circumstances beyond my say-so determined my thirteen-year-old granddaughter move in. To say my sedate lifestyle was greatly altered is an understatement.

From converting my recently-deceased husband's man-cave to a teen's room with shocking raspberry walls, each day brings its own surprise and need to adjust. You have to understand, I live in an almost-ninety-year-old farmhouse; it wasn't constructed to accommodate this age of technology and all the electrical appliances we've come to depend upon. 

We spent most of a day moving in a computer from my 'little house' to her grandfather's desk which remained in the room she took over. My workstation is now temporarily arranged in what used to be the dining area. Somehow I managed to accommodate both printer and a small desk in that confining area.

The move came about in stages. Her final items settled in yesterday. The dilemma arose when came time to find a landing place for her fish tank. She had rescued these two active goldfish over a year ago when they were being sold as bait. That makes them important and special.

A heated discussion issued because she wanted them in her bedroom and there wasn't any electrical source for the three items necessary for their support and survival. After a couple attempts elsewhere in the house, the fish tank eventually got set up in front of my vintage china cabinet.

Now comes the challenging task of sorting and organizing the chaos of teenage accumulation. But, we'll take it one day at a time and somehow, it will all work out...because that is what love does.