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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Social Media...Can One Keep Up?

Mentioned last week about having to replace my laptop. Here's an update on my progress in getting it up and running.

I'm a writer so I need a good Word program. My desktop is equipped with a Word 2010 and I was smart enough to make a note of the Product Code for the program I bought a few years back. No problem. I'll just go to Microsoft's website and download a copy. Nope! Seems that Microsoft no longer makes Word 2010 available; they now want you to use/buy Word 2013. After a bit of investigation, I settled for Apache Open Office...and it's free. I'll let you know how it works out later.

Although all my files were transferred from the old to the new computer, I had to rebuild my list of Favorites. There's Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, the site that hosts the serial of my novel Twist of Fate, and where I post a weekly blog about interesting cities in the US, VentureGalleries.com.

As a member of Authors Social Media Share Group (ASMSG), I'm active on Goodreads, Riffle, and Booklikes. Then I remembered I needed to find and add my personal and author websites. Once I found them, I took the time to post an update (don't do that near often enough.) So then it was on to Amazon where I located the address for my Amazon Author Page and Amazon Central so I could check on near-nonexistent book sales.

I'm sure there are other sites where I have a membership presence like Authors Den which I don't visit very much. But, by then my fingers were exhausted and most of the day had gone by. And I still had this blog to write for tomorrow.

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