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Saturday, December 8, 2012

I've Been Nominated...

PictureI’ve been nominated by Judith Victoria Douglas for the coveted LIEBSTER AWARD. It may be questionable, or even dubious, for some, but I kinda like the idea.  You can find out about this information trivia from my friend judith at  http://booksbyjudithvictoriadouglas.wordpress.com/. Visit her site and read some her posts.

Here are the rules for acceptance of the “LIEBSTER AWARD.” This is important because at the end I will be nominating eleven blogs for this coveted award.

The Rules:
  • When you receive the award you must post eleven random facts about yourself 
  • You must answer eleven questions posed by the person who nominated you
  • You pass the award on to the eleven blogger friends you are nominating, making sure you notify them of their nominations
  • You write up eleven new questions for the bloggers you are nominating (and you cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you)
  • You paste the award picture into your blog along with eleven random facts about yourself and your eleven questions and answers given by your nominator. (Not much different from the Next Big Thing)
Eleven Random facts about Gay Ingram:
1. My first published novel was released under my maiden name, Gabrielle Giguere. How would you like to live with that handle?
2. I'm an original Connecticut Yankee - born in Burlington, VT and grew up in Connecticut until my husband insisted we live in his homestate, Texas. I couldn't very well argue as that's where the Coast Guard had him stationed at the time.
3. I am the oldest of eight children who grew up in a three-bedroom house so I know a lot about having to share.
4. My sole living son lives about twenty minutes away but I'm lucky if I see him once a week, he's stays so busy.
5. When my older son was two and a half months old, we rode the Greyhound bus from Texas to Conn. three days just so I could spend Christmas with my family. My husband, meanwhile, had been transferred to Hawaii and I couldn't join him.
5. There were ten years between the births of my two sons so it's like I raised two families.
6. I was working in downtown Dallas and watched the Kennedy cavalcade drive by just minutes before he was assassinated.
7. At one point in my life, I volunteered as a ESL tutor which led to my organizing and running a literacy program in my hometown, Big Sandy.
8. My writing adventure began with how-to booklets I produced about herbs.
9. My oldest son, David, who was a classical pianist, has a video on YouTube. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2emgtAjEOoI&feature=player_embedded
10. I have yet to get past the three chords I've taught myself on the guitar my husband gave me for my birthday year before last.
11. My little cabin, where I work (and play), is so small I have to pack up the oil painting stuff whenever I get the urge to sew.

My Eleven Questions from Judith:
Q. If there was one person — real, fiction or fantasy — you could spend some time talking with, who would it be?
A. I’d love a conversation with Madalyn L’Engle because I admire her persistence in writing what was inside of her.

Q.  If you could change anything about yourself, physical, mental, emotional, heritage-wise, anything, what would it be?
A.To be honest, I’m pretty satisfied with how I turned out. Not sure I would like any changes I’d have to get used to.

Q.  What animal, fish or bird, living or extinct, would you like to know more about, up close and personal, maybe even as a pet?
A. I am not a pet person which doesn’t mean I don’t tolerate them in my environment. In my lifetime, I’ve had both cats and dogs as pets…and chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, rabbits…

Q.  If you could choose your last meal, and you weren’t in prison at the time, what would it be?
A. In prison? Do they still grant a prisoner’s last meal wishes? Fried chicken, cranberry sauce, baked potato and strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Q. If English is your primary language, but you could instantly be fluent in another, what would it be?
A. At the time I was an ESL tutor I really felt handicapped by not knowing the Spanish language. I spoke only French until I entered school but even with a two-year refresher course in high school, I’m not able to converse in French although I do understand some of what I hear or read.

Q. Where in the universe, if not this planet, would you live if you had a choice and it was actually feasible?
A.Ah-h-h, if money and family were no object, I’d have myself a little house within walking distance to the seashore somewhere.

Q.  What object, place or thing do you equate with your favorite color, and why? Please state your favorite color so your reasoning will be clear to your readers.
A. Everyone who knows me knows my favorite color is blue, in any shade. As to equating it with anything…never gave it thought.

Q.  What movie would you have liked to play a part, even a minor part if the top slot was taken by your favorite actor/actress.  Name your favorite actor/actress so your readers will be clear on this, as well.
A. I have absolutely no desire to play any part in any production no matter who was the co-star. Favorite actor/actress? Movies are not really part of my lifestyle.

Q.  What book do you wish you had written?  Include why you picked this particular book.
A. I wish I had written To Kill a Mockingbird. Every time I read it or watch the movie, I am moved by how a simple story amplified such a terrible social injustice of its time.

Q.  What scientific or social (not political or religious) endeavor or event would most benefit mankind at this moment in time?  If you say a Space-Alien Invasion, please explain why.
A.There is but one solution to mankind’s troubles – the need to seek the best of others instead of insisting on “getting mine.”

Q.  How would you explain to a blind person the difference between God and Santa Claus, if both were standing in front of you? This is like The Elephant and the Six Blind Men, but its only you telling one person the difference between the two.
A. What a thought-provoking question. It’s easy to describe Santa Clause because he’s a creation of the human mind. But God cannot be contained within the natural man’s confines so all we are left with is who He is to me and everyman’s answer is unique.

Now My Eleven Questions For My Nominees:

Q, What’s your least liked chore?
Q. Ketchup or mustard?
Q. Favorite dessert?
Q. What is the worst present you ever received? The best?
Q. If you could turn back time, what, if anything would you change?
Q. What are three things on your ‘bucket’ list?
Q. What’s your earliest recollection of anything?
Q. What kind of music, if any, makes you cry?
Q. If English is your primary language, but you could instantly be fluent in another, what would it be?
Q. What book do you wish you had written?  Include why you picked this particular book.
Q. Where in the universe, if not this planet, would you live if you had a choice and it was actually feasible?

My nominees are: 
Dianne Harmon http://dianneharman.com/

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