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Monday, October 22, 2012

Came across this writing prompt recently I found quite thought-provoking. It asked the writer to list ten expectations you have of yourself. Wow! Now that will stir up the brain-juices.

At the top of the list I have to say I expect myself to always do the very best at whatever project I undertake. There are few times I actually reach the perfect mark, but I’m not a splash-dash, get-it-done type of person. I will give it all the time and attention needed to do the very best I can.

Another expectation is that I always remain alert to the feelings of others. I’ve lived long enough to know we all carry unseen burdens. I have no way of knowing what kind of a day you are having or what stressful circumstances you are forced to cope with. So I need to keep in mind this might not be a good day and you are doing your best for the moment.

I expect to continue to keep learning until the last breath. This universe we inhabit contains so much mystery. Every day discloses something new and sometimes challenging, like this world of internet, for example.

I expect myself to remain sensitive to the needs of others. We are so blessed here in the United States and yet there are those who for whatever reasons are not able to enjoy so many of the comforts of life I take for granted. I want to keep my eyes open to ways I can share what I have with those without.
I expect myself to maintain a forgiving nature when someone causes me hurt. One of the most valuable lessons life has taught me is that forgiveness on my part is required for my peace of mind, not that of the one who hurts.

The prompt actually asks for ten expectations but I’m thinking if I can manage to achieve all of the above, I will have achieved some important life goals.

I hope you’ll take time to give this topic some thought. I’d be interested in hearing about your expectations of yourself. 

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