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Friday, November 24, 2017

It's All Over But The Leftovers

Thanksgiving is our most family-oriented holiday. It's the one day a year set aside for families to get together and just be family. For most people, that means a crowd around a loaded table, cousins getting reacquainted, menfolks gathered around the television set.

For as many years as I can remember, ever since our two sons married, had families of their own, and started new traditions, my husband and I made the two-hour trip to Dallas to share this day with his extended family who all lived in that area. Because of my husband's declining health, last year was the first we've missed. And with his death earlier this year, I found it difficult to generate any kind of interest...it would be just another day for me.

My granddaughter had different expectations. It was Wednesday, the day before Turkey Day. We were in Longview having lunch at China King when she dropped the bombshell. Despite the fact they are still unpacking boxes in their new house they moved into two weeks ago, she wanted a thanksgiving dinner -- turkey and dressing served and eaten in their new home.

My brain went into a whirl. It'd been years since I cooked a turkey, never mind all that went with this traditional meal. What to do? What to do? I mentally scanned those restaurants I thought might possible have turkey and dressing on their menus. Luby's was close by...I bet they would be offering it.

With four turkey and dressing LouAnn meals bought and paid for, our next stop was WalMart for the necessary pumpkin pie. I out-voted her Cool Whip and picked up a container of heavy cream, deciding I'd have time to whip up the real thing.

When I arrived, carrying my bowl of whipped cream, the pie was almost baked and they had unpacked the china plates Carlie had inherited from her other grandmother. Even her busy mother dropped in long enough to share the meal. So, possibly, a new tradition was begun.

There was even enough turkey & dressing to take home for a sandwich later.

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  1. We are all so happy that your family experienced a real Thanksgiving together.May they continue year after year.