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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Morning Musings

Unseasonable weather drew me to the front porch for my morning coffee time. Through a gap in the treeline, I watched brisk, southerly winds drag high clouds across the sky. A gray overcast sky foretold of rains predicted for later in the day.

The calm surrounding me as I sway to and fro on the porch swing holds a multitude of sounds. To the west, a distant train signalled its approach to a country road crossing. A few minutes later, my neighbor's rooster crowed out its morning call. And overhead, a squirrel chittered down at my two black cats, Sammi and Midnight, as they maintained the distance between them all the while vying for my attention.

'Shalom' reads the sign hung from the arbor designating entrance to our front yard. My talented husband built the structure some years back after I put in a request. With only a picture to guide him, he used natural materials from our land to construct it. The sign was a joint project and peace really is a constant companion here on my country acreage. Frequently, new visitors will comment on the peace they feel upon stepping into my world.

But, living in the country also has its disadvantages. Neighbors are far enough away that I have no clear view of their houses. Stormy weather often brings a disruption in our electric and phoning supply. We must travel distances for any shopping or recreational needs, which is sometimes annoying.  I'm thankful for the recent advent of internet service, making purchases online available. It does simplify shopping, epecially for larger, once-in-a-lifetime purchases.

Some would bemoan the inaccessibility of culture and entertainment venues such as movies and museums, but one soon learns to find pleasure in the simpler pleasures country living offers. There are fields and forests to explore, with something new to discover all the time. The fleeting glimpse of deer browsing in the distance, the buzz of various birds that congregate at our feeders, coming unexpectedly upon an unknown flower blooming in the wild—all these occurrences and more bring a rewarding feeling.

Well, that first cup of coffee is finished; time to move about and get the day started. So, the welcome doormat is out if you ever have need to pause in your busy city life. Stop by and we'll sit together on the front porch, enjoying life.


  1. Your name sounds familiar. We're spoken before, I think. Many years ago

  2. Didn't hear an inner bell ring when I looked at your name; of course, it could have changed since the 'many years ago.' Care to give me a hint?