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Saturday, December 26, 2015

How Do You Spend The Day After Christmas?

'Tis the day after Christmas, and several of my neighbors are doing target practice, getting familiar with their new 'toys.' At times, it sounds like a couple of them are firing cannons. The sounds of gunshot are coming from at least four or five different directions.

With all this firearm paraphernalia nearby, I don't know whether to feel threatened or protected. I consider myself fortunate that distance and forest isolate me from all that activity. Hopefully, only sound can travel the distance from their targets to me.

I'm wondering, when someone sets up a target for practice, do they take into account the distance a stray bullet will travel? So far, I've not heard the sound of a bullet whizzing past. In the past however, I have had that experience.  Another neighbor two houses over decided to warn away a stray dog with gunshot. I just happened to be in the bullet's line of travel. My yell got his attention and he quickly did a disappearing act.

So far no bullets have come my way but we have discovered a number of golf balls in the past. A neighbor used to set up in his back yard to practice his drive. He had a powerful swing and managed to send  golf balls across a half-acre field, the road, and into my front yard.

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