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Thursday, November 19, 2015

On Its Way

Well, it's official. My latest work is finally in the publisher's hands. I've chosen to send it toWhite Bird Publications, a mid-sized publishing house that has done such an excellent job on several of my recent releases.

Titled Not Bound By Blood, this novel is about two girls with totally different ambitions who connect in high school and despite sometimes being separated by continents, maintain a life-long friendship.

As is normal for me, this novel doesn't drop easily into a recognizable genre. So it will probably be categorized as women's fiction. Those familiar with my work know I am not a "genre"author. My stories are driven by ordinary characters who experience extrordinary circumstances in their lives.

Also in the early developments is a children's story/coloring book. More about that later.

With Not Bound By Blood on its way, I can now concentrate on a historical figure who captured my attention some months back. Right now I'm in the research stage...no words on paper yet. But soon will come that excitng time when I set about recording the extraordinary life of Belle Boyd, A Confederate Spy. I'm including a link to http://www.biography.com/people/belle-boyd if I've peaked your interest.

Belle Boyd, A Confederate Spy will be the third  fictionalized biography in my series for Young Readers. She  accompanies George Washington and Harriet Tubman...both already completed. Pretty good company, if I say so myself.

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