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Friday, June 1, 2012

Country Doings

Out here in the countryside, you never know what's going to happen. Not long after we moved our home onto the land, I looked up from my work in time to see several cows stroll past the window, headed for deep woods behind the house.

Knowing barbed wire fencing surrounded our acreage, I grew concerned as to how they would leave. I made a quick trip to the nearest neighbor, whose house I could barely see from my place. The elderly gent seemed unconcerned and not knowing anything else to do, I returned to my labors.

I never did learn where those cows went to or who they belonged to.

This morning, on my way to my little house, I caught sight of a BIG shaggy, dirty, white dog trotting toward me from the back forty. When I clapped and shouted, instead of turning and running, he just picked up speed as if eager  to reach my side.

I called for backup and my husband came from the barn, curiosity aroused. Apparently the dog responds to a man's command because at the sound of his male shout, the dog turned tail and retraced his steps.

May never know who that dog belongs to or where it came from.

Now, I welcome unexpected visitors to my little place in the woods. People dropping by are few and far between. But a strange dog half my size that gave the appearance of being overly friendly isn't my idea of a welcome visitor.

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  1. Unexpected critter visitors were something I usually enjoyed when we lived in the country. Raccoons, opossums,snakes, rabbits, and such. Thankfully we never had a skunk.

    The kids did bring home a wounded Red Tail Hawk one day. Very cool bird. :-)