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Sunday, April 15, 2012

N Is For Night

Night settles like a downward-drifting veil. It subdues the day's harsh sunlight, causing bleached-out vegetation to take on deeper, richer shades of green. As the light fails, it releases deepening shadows. Surroundings shift in substance, changing in increments and degrees.

The sun drops from sight below the horizon yet continues to exert its influence by painting the sky in ever-changing colors; rose deepens to lavender, then darkens to indigo.

The last rays of sun above the earth's edge gilt low-hanging clouds and I pause to take inventory. Another day has come to an end. Did I spend these hours profitably or do I chalk up this day as one of wasted opportunities? If I can look back and see a moment when my smile lifted another person's burden, then all is not lost. I may count the day as a good one.