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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July Ultimate Blog Post - compromise

The word of the day is compromise. Merriam-Webster defines the word as a settlement of differences reached by consent of mutual concessions.

I promised myself I would not get political in this Ultimate Blog Challenge, a promise I'm struggling to keep during this volatile period of our country's existence. Then I receive an email from a good friend that shifts the whole situation into prospective.

James Still writes a regular article about our American beginnings. This week he addressed an incident that occurred ten years after the Revolutionary War ended. I could recap but better yet, checkout the whole message at  http://retraceoursteps.com/index.php/letters-by-james/2018/the-newburgh-veterans-1783 

Makes me ask myself, has this country lost the ability to compromise?

I come back to the word of the day-compromise-with a personal application. My brother isn't able to drive anymore so I provide him transportation. When it comes to grocery shopping, he prefers one store, I another.  By alternating which store we visit on shopping day each week, we worked out a compromise.

Give a little, take a little, now we have a do-able solution.

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