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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

July Ultimate Blog Challenge - purpose

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Does your life have purpose? Can you see a goal beyond the roles your life calls you to perform at this particular period of your life? Have you ever paused and asked yourself - why was I given this life to live? What is the purpose motivating everything I do?

To be honest, in my younger days I was way too busy to stop and seek an answer to those kinds of questions. As a working mother and wife who found herself also active in church activities squeezed between swimming meets, baseball practice, Boy Scouts, piano lessons and other such activities of two active boys, who had time to stop and ponder the deeper meanings of life?

But now, as my life winds down, I find myself contemplating the sometimes surprising twists and turns life has given me. Never did I imagine, growing up in that small New England village, I'd end up spending the better part of my life in the great state of Texas. As I neared adulthood, all I foresaw was getting gainfully employed so I could ease the burden my father had carried in providing for his eight children.

I look back on the open doors I've walked through, taking on challenges, not stopping to consider my ignorance. My past years record both failures and successes, disappointments and heart-stopping moments. I find it difficult to pinpoint one specific reason all of it happened. But, this I believe.

My God created me for His purpose and a driving force in my life has been to be available to be used as a vehicle of His Love. I hope that has happened often enough to be considered achievement of purpose.  Any other goals attained fade to insignificance.


  1. Great post Gay! Very thought provoking!

  2. Great post, but I especially love the last paragraph. You rock, Gay!

  3. I could have written part of you blog for me. I grow up in a small upstate NY town and never imagined we would end up in the hustle and bustle of a big city tourist town in South Carolina. As hubby and I are thinking of our next chapter, we are drawn to the piece and quite mountain towns once again. Thanks for bringing back memories and giving me thoughts to ponder.

  4. So glad God had our paths cross..

  5. I, like you, grew up in a very different place to where I find myself now. And I wouldn’t have missed all the excitement in the process of getting here, for anything. Life takes us on a journey; all we have to do is enjoy the ride. Love your blog!