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Friday, July 6, 2018

July Ultimate Blog Challenge - family

The word of the day is family. When I checked Miriam-Webster's dictionary, it listed four definitions of the word. There's the basic unit consisting of two parents and children. Then we have a group of individuals living under one roof. Another definition considers a group of persons of common ancestry a family. (Kind of resembling the characters in my novel Mai Lin.) Then there's the group of people united by their convictions or a common affiliation.  

I'd like to add another group - the folks who occupy my family enclave here in East Texas. There's myself, the matriarch widow. Another residence is occupied by my only living son and his daughter with whom he was reunited after a ten-year separation. Recently come to this area is my oldest brother who moved here from Kentucky six months ago. All of these highly individual folks make up my immediate 'family.'

True, we are all blood-related, but until recently, years went by when we were out-of-touch with one another, especially my brother and I. My family could be considered people who share a common ancestry, if not a shared life experience.

Miriam-Webster's definition is in danger of becoming obsolete as present-day society is quickly changing what constitutes a family. I'd love to hear some response, pro & con, on this topic. What does your family'consist of?

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