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Monday, April 16, 2012

What's With Oranges and Apples?

I decided to call this blogsite Comparing Apples and Oranges because that's a key phrase around our house. Seems like any difference of opinion usually boils down to two people using totally different points of view to win their argument.

My husband spent his life checking notations of drawings used to fabricate steel. That was his occupation - he was a checker.

I, on the other hand, discovered I had a talent for organization.

Now, you'd think we would be able to come to the same conclusion seeing as we both have a tendency for order and sequence of events.

Nah! I've found the more I push for a logical reasoning of his difference in opinion, the more the discussion revolves around the virtues of "oranges" when I'm talking "apples."

So how have we been able to remain sane and whole through fifty-four years of marriage? When that point comes in the disagreement where it’s certain neither of us is going to be able to convince the other…that’s when the apples and oranges comment makes its appearance and we agree to disagree.

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