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Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Morning Moment

Life is richer with an herb garden in your life. A morning walk among the dew-laden herbs provides opportunity to indulge all senses and can be one of life’s sublime pleasures. This particular morning, the summer sun had begun to lighten the eastern sky as I pick my way along the grassy path. From deep within the entwined branches of the rose arbor, a mockingbird sings a solo. 

Soon my shoes are wetter than the cold coffee in the cup I’ve carried from the house. Beneath the apple tree, the up-turned faces of Johnny-Jump-Ups smile their morning greeting. I stoop and lightly brush the yellow and purple blossoms until they look like a crowd of nodding faces.

Further along, a rosemary sprawls its blue-dotted branches over the path. An accidental brush releases its unique fragrance, triggering pleasant remembrances of past encounters with this herb. At the spreading clump of oregano, I stoop to examine the minute pink clusters of blooms. I’m reminded of a class of young ballet dancers, twisting and turning, sometimes slightly out of step with each other. A drifting waft of this plant’s delicious scent brings visions of a favorite pepperoni and cheese pizza.

I can’t resist plucking the leaf of one of my favorite herbs, lemon verbena. With its pale-green crinkled shape nestled beneath my nose, I take a deep breath of its delicate scent. When I pass a mint patch, I snatch one of the peppermint’s cool-tasting leaves to nibble on. 

Pausing in the midst of my herbs, time seems to stand still and I feel a strong connection to others before me who have experienced moments like these. I smile to realize other gardeners will follow. They too, will have the joy of experiencing unique moments in their herb gardens.
            It’s time to return to the present, retrace my steps and head back for the house. On my way, I gather a tiny bouquet of chives, parsley and dill to season my mid-day salad. Tucked away in my heart is a moment when I touched eternity.


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    1. Thank you. I really do have a spcial place in my heart for herbs. They ask so little...and give so much.