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Friday, April 6, 2012

Is It Figure…or Is It Figure?

At times I’m befuddled by our English language. Take the word figure – I’m amazed that this one word can convey two entirely dissimilar concepts.  

On the one hand, it is used to describe the manipulation of numerals, as in “crunch the numbers” or “I’ve got to figure my taxes”, an oft- heard expression this month since the deadline to file one’s Income Tax looms in the near future.

Then the word is often used to describe a woman’s body as in “She’s got a great figure.”
Perhaps the connection comes about as a result of that recognized combination of  numerals – 36-24-36 – that has come to exemplify the perfect Barbie-like female form.

Seriously, how many females are you acquainted with who conform to that ridiculous image? I leave you to figure it out.

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