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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

It's Been Some Time

Hello again. Did you miss my posts?

After spending a feverish month as a result of accepting the Ultimate Blog Challenge to post a blog every day during the month of January, I took a hiatus for the past six weeks. Noticing it was already the middle of March, I felt guilty about being absent for so long...so here I am.

Here in East Texas, we've entered our Spring season  and that means spending lots and lots of time outdoors, doing cleanup from the winter storms and checking flower beds. Seems like every day brings something new in bloom.

Trees are leafing out. All the fruit and ornamental trees have burst into bloom--redbud, pear, plum, and Hansom cherry shrubs. I even have one azalea bush sporting deep red flowers.

This year is especially labor intensive because of the need to repair garden beds that suffered neglect for a couple years. I've had to re-position sprouting perennial clumps because their bed got destroyed when we moved my son's house onto the property last summer. From another bed, I dug up a bucket-full of iris rhizomes and set them into a new bed created along the edge of a grass area.

Right now, I'm tackling the cutting back of crepe myrtles that have overgrown their desired height.  Delivery of my order of new bulbs is expected any day, so if you don't hear from me, you know where to find me. Trowel in hand and perched on the garden seat my son gave me a few years back, I'll be soaking up sunshine and feeling happy.

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