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Friday, December 22, 2017

From 'five-and-dime' to 'dollar'

My brother, who recently moved here, asked if there were any Dollar Tree stores in the area.

"We have one in Longview and then there are the Family Dollar and Dollar General stores conveniently located." Seems like every community has one or another convenient for that quick dash to pick up one or two items. They remind me of the Woolworths and Ben Franklins of my growing years.

My first commercial job while still in high school was in that kind of a store. Lincoln Store in Norwich, Connecticut had just about anything you needed but it was more like a Penney's store with furniture and appliances.

Christmas that year, I got permission for my parents to take advantage of my employee discount. They waited until Christmas Eve to come to town for their shopping. Every once in a while, I caught sight of them from my workstation - list in hand, seeking out the least costly item to fill their shopping basket. When you're buying gifts for a family of ten, you have to make a little go a long way.

As my thoughts connected the Woolworths of old with the Dollar Generals of today, I couldn't ignore the irony. In my lifetime, we have gone from a 'five-and-ten', as the old stores were known, to the present-day 'dollar' stores.


  1. Things change true but people aleays look for a bargain

  2. My dad became one of the youngest managers of Woolworths in the late 50s. He started in Greenville Tx. I love browsing in retro 'five-and-ten' stores. The Dollar stores just don't have the same charm.