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Thursday, October 19, 2017

An Interesting Observation

Several years ago my husband, a friend, and I spent a spring Saturday morning planting pine seedlings. I lost count once we passed one hundred. Off to one side of the major planting, I set out six trees, all by themselves.

Recently, in order to make way for a house being moved onto the property, a thirty-foot-wide easement had to be cleared. Lots of trees had to come down as a result, leaving mounds of cut branches to be disposed of. Resting from my labors, I sat in my lawn chair and contemplated those six trees, now grown, tall and straight.

Two have only a stump remaining, having to be cut down. three others look naked with branches on one side cut away. The remaining tree left standing has branches crowded from another tree too close by. Out of the six trees, all planted at the same time, only one remains intact, reaching for the sky.

Gazing at these trees got me thinking about life. Some lives are cut short early by happenings beyond their control. For others, their growth is altered by circumstances but they continue to flourish. Still others maintain a full life in spite of life's pressures reshaping their growth.

In most instances, we have no control over the bumps and twists taken on our life's path. All we can do is grab what comes our way and make the most of it. If that sound pessimistic, it's not. Face each day with optimism, seeking to share love and do the best you can with what you have.


  1. I found this to be and interesting look at life in general and that we all have to make choices in our lives.