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Monday, March 13, 2017

It's All About Networking

Writing has always been a lonely occupation. I learned a lot in the past reading books written by accomplished teachers. In fact, over the years I amassed an impressive library dedicated to the craft of writing. In recent years there's been a deluge of informative stuff available, mostly free, on the world wide web.

But, the act of writing is a lonely occupation. There comes a time when you just need another friendly face to talk over your gains and losses. I've come to the conclusion that networking should be a necessary part of the writing lifestyle.

For example, here are just a few nuggets I acquired this past week through networking. I learned of a free workshop in my area as a result of a friend's Facebook posting. (https://www.wordwriters.org/events/)

A writers' group I belong to presented a program, with live demonstrations, on fight jargon. (You never know when one of your characters will need to express themselves in Tai Kwon Do jargon.)

Another writer friend shared the advise she received considering the future of her book published by the now-defunct Tate Publishing. When she queried them their response was, “... to go ahead and republish through Createspace. When ready for it to go live, send Author Central the old ISBN number and the new one, and they would phase the old one out.”

None of this information would have been available to me if I'd confined myself to camping out in my little house and ignoring the rest of the world.

So, break out of your shell; join a writers' group, find a Facebook group page and become a member, go to that conference or workshop, meet other writers, and continue to grow your craft by sharing with other lonely writers.

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