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Sunday, February 5, 2017

One Lovely Blog Award

What a lovely tribute from a long-time author friend, Patty Wiseman. She writes The Velvet Shoe Collection, An Unlikely Arrangement, An Unlikely Beginning, A Unlikely Conclusion, and An Unlikely Deception, set in 1920's Detroit. Here's her link address so you can go learn more about her and her series https://www.facebook.com/Patty-Wiseman-Fan-Page-122326897827176/

Want to be nominated? All is takes is being a blogger. Here are the rules:
  • Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
  • Add the One Lovely Blog Award emblem to your post.
  • Share seven things about yourself not found in your bio.
  • Pass this award on to as many people as you like, up to 15.
  • Include these rules
  • Inform your nominees.

Now, on to those seven never-been-disclosed-before tidbits about me.

1.  I'm the mother of a terrific son, a grandmother of two awesome young ladies, and the great-grandmother of two precious cuties. We lost an older son, David, a few years back when he died in his sleep at the young age of fifty.

2.  I wish I were as physically active as I was twenty years ago. (Well,who doesn't?) Back then I cared for huge gardens--growing food and herbs--helped maintain our acreage by trimming shrubs and helped my husband cut, split, and haul the mountains of firewood needed to keep our home warm.

3.  Continuing to look back, I raised chickens, ducks, turkeys and rabbits at one time or another. And yes, I did the butchering and cleaning of all as well as the preserving and cooking.

4.  I still consider myself a transplanted Yankee even though I've lived in Texas for almost sixty years. 

5.  I met my husband-to-be at a Saturday night dance sponsored by the VFW. Dallas-born and in the Coast Guard at the time, he was attending Engineering school in Connecticut. Believe it or not, it was love at first sight for the both of us.

6. I recently picked up my paint brushes and began dabbling with oil paints after a hiatus of over forty years. If interested, you can see results of my efforts on my Pinterest page (https://www.pinterest.com/gayingram/my-creative-efforts/.)
7. I've never been much interested in sports although I do enjoy watching the Olympic competition in swimming and gymnastics. In fact, my recent novel, Not Bound By Blood, was inspired by the first American woman to win gold in track. 

Author Jim Callan (http://www.jamesrcallan.com/blog/) A terrific mystery writer

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