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Sunday, November 9, 2014

How Do We Maintain a Balance?

The holiday season is approaching with the speed  of a flash of lightning. And that signifies a deluge of opportunities to sell books. Everyone agrees books make wonderful Christmas presents, so every author knows you've got to get your books out in the public's eye so they can grab them up to fill their Christmas present-buying lists.

The holiday season also brings an upswing in social activities with personal family gatherings and special church and community events. We authors find ourselves stretched tighter than a guitar string trying to cover all the bases at this time of year.

For instance, as I peruse the opportunities to meet-and-greet the reading public over the next few weeks, I could obligate myself to being as some public function for every weekend. And quite possibly, more than one location in a weekend.

There are so many opportunities available to sell our books at this time of the year, that it gets harder and harder to make choices. And all the while, juggling the added family...and possibly work...responsibilities that occur at this time of year.

For myself, I'm going to be making very judicious choices. After all, I don't want to enter the joyous season totally exhausted and unable to enjoy myself. Do you?

I'd really like to get your thoughts on this dilemma.

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