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Friday, September 28, 2012

Which? Resolution or Perfection?

A comment left by a reader triggered additional thoughts about tulips. I love those massed beds of tulips you see in formal gardens. They're one of my favorite sites to visit in springtime. I've always yearned to duplicate them here on my sandy acres of East Texas. But have never been able.

Each of my past efforts, whether they be tulips, lilies or any of the other flower-producing bulbs I've invested in, have rewarded me with one, and on rare occasions, two seasons of blooms. I've never taken the time to have my soil analyzed or consulted an expert as to the reason. I always blamed the infertility of my dirt or marauding underground critters who enjoyed the delicacies I buried just for them. One fall, I watched as a squirrel dug up a bulb or two.

One year I even went to the effort of creating wire cages for each bulb before setting it into the ground.

This year's experiment is to plant groups of bulbs in large pots. At least the clay pots offer protection from one of their enemies.

All of this leads me to my thought of the day: there is always more than one way to solve a problem. The eventual solution may not be the first bright idea you had--it may not end up being the most satisfying resolution to your problem. But looking at your dilemma from different perspectives, you will expand your imaginative capabilities to see a solution.

In the long run (and I've had a seventy-plus run), I've come to understand that whatever means you eventually employ to solve your problem will give you a satisfied feeling.

Now...does that indicate I lean more toward resolution rather than perfection?

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  1. I think it suggests both - but in a practical way. Having a range of perfect outcomes gives you a greater sense of achieving them.