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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Reaching Past Alzheimer's

I caught sight of the date as I exited the bank yesterday. A wave of emotion gripped me which I fought until safely ensconced in my car. January twenty-sixth - the birthday of a sister just one year younger than I.

So why did it make me sad, you ask? Because for the past six-seven years (I've lost count) she's been a resident of an Alzheimer's care facility.

My most recent visit was last June when  I made a trip to Phoenix with my granddaughter. I wanted her to have the experience of visiting the grand canyon but for myself, I was glad to have one more opportunity to see this sister.

You see, it had been at least five years since I last saw her--East Texas and Phoenix, Arizona are many, many miles apart, making travel almost impossible.

I didn't have high expectations because even on my last visit, my sister had not recognized or even acknowledged my visit. In fact, as her daughter and I sat on a bench after leaving her, I found myself mentally telling her goodbye. None of us expected her body to continue to function this long after her mind had left her.

So it surprised me when the sight of the date brought on an emotional reaction. Happy birthday, Angie, even if my words don't penetrate to where your consciousness has taken you.


  1. You got me teary-eyed Sis. Still can't believe it's been that long