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Saturday, January 13, 2018

New Year Changes I've Noticed

Since I accepted the Ultimate Blog Challenge to post a blog every day in January, there have been some adjustments in the way I allocate my time. Would you be interested in my morning and/or daily routine? Sorry, here it comes.

To begin with, I find myself leaving the bed thirty minutes earlier in the morning. Not by intention, just happening. Grab that first cup of coffee and set myself before the computer. Take care of business that's come by way of emails. Then I move to my Blogger page; hopefully I've got something I prepared the day before to post. A last look-over to check for typos or missing words/letters - something I'm real famous for doing since this laptop keyboard doesn't always respond.

Today's blog posted to my author page, on the thread at Ultimate Blog Challenge, tweeted, Google+ and shared on my Timeline. Move to Facebook and send birthday greetings to those who are celebrating today. Check for any fresh postings to groups I'm a member of. Then a scrolling of notifications to see if there's a conversation where I need to respond. If an hour hasn't passed yet, I'll go back to Blogger,com and add some words to a developing blog.

Then I close the computer or go to Red River Radio to stream some classical music. Prepare breakfast and carry it to the writing desk in my bedroom. This is where I do the Morning Pages recommended by Julia Cameron - three pages in a lined notebook, handwritten with as few pauses as possible.I accentuate the writing with sips of orange juice and bites of breakfast.

That done - both the writing and the eating - It's time to get dressed and face the day's responsibilities. So, when do y
ou work on your fiction writing, I hear you ask? Hmm-m-m. You see, this blogging thing has taken over for the month of January, so any other writing has gone on the shelf temporarily.


  1. It changes things for me, too! There are groups and pages on Facebook that I haven't had the time or energy to visit much this month. And I am not writing as much, either. The UBC is definitely a time commitment, so I know exactly what you mean. Glad you're with us, though, and I am always glad I have done it once it's over. In fact, I'm usually a little sorry to see it go.

  2. I really enjoy the 30day challenge but this time I had to pass. My mentor has me working on my 2018 projects full fury and the mastermind group keeps me focused every Monday. I start my day with a cup of Keto Bullet proof coffee at 4:30 a.m. and head for the computer. 30-45 minutes of answering emails and checking face book then it's on to the writing for the morning. Breakfast will be more of a brunch around 11 a.m. If I need to take a photo of food for a recipe I am sharing it could mean that breakfast is really lunch..It is a life I love as a semi-retired person that has relocated to live by the beaches in sunny Puerto Vallarta, Mx. I do not miss shoveling the snow in Wisconsin.

  3. I was unable to accept the UBC challenge this time, but plan to in the future. I love how you've organized your time. I've been doing a similar routine for a long time. I find if I stay on schedule, I accomplish so much more!