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Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting Back Up

A house-shaking boom followed by re-sounding thunder shattered my sleep this morning. Soon the pattering of welcome rain played tippy-tap on my window. I lay awake watching the light-show and thought about how resilient we humans are.

For a few years now, this country has been bombarded by a variety of destructive acts of nature. Be it the excessive snows of winter that led to flooded cities or the raging wildfires sweeping across acres and acres, laving behind ashes and dust where once homes stood.

Then there were the fierce, swirling winds that rushed through towns, destroying all in its path, leaving buildings looking like a pile of splinters.

This land of ours has withstood an abundance of calamities and our inner strength has been tested. But I'm happy to declare, we have stood firm. Not only stood firm, but immediately began to pick up the pieces and started over.

Recently I stood in the pre-dawn hours and watched a neighbor's house become engulfed in flames. The volunteer firemen fought the blaze but were only able to contain it. Sunrise revealed a burned-out shell where once a family dwelt.

I drove past yesterday. The yard was crowded with a rental RV, a pup tent and a screened outdoor room.These provide a degree of normalcy as the family works to rebuild their lives.

It is this--the will to go on--that astounds me. I ask myself, if I were in their position, would I be able to follow their lead?

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