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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Survey Results Authors Find Interesting

Books Go Social (http://booksgosocial.com/) is an online site designed to get more books read and to help authors find a new audience. I came across an interesting survey they recently conducted and thought I’d share the statistics it revealed.

In mid April of 2016, they asked 10,236 English-speaking readers to participate. Only 546 completed the survey. When asked if they owned or used a Kindle or e-reader device, 85.3% said yes.

When asked how important social media was in helping to find new books, 77% gave it a 5 or more out of 10 rating. Newspaper reviews received a 46% rating of 5 or more and bookstores gained a 69% rating or 5 or more. Interestingly enough, 46% of those surveyed responded they preferred Ebooks and 53.8% preferred print books.

54% said they read 4 or more Ebooks a month and 32% read the same number of print books in a month’s time. When asked to list their genre preference, fantasy/sci-fi came in #1, literary #2, romance #3, mystery #4, historical #5 and Young Adult #6.

71% stated they read self-published books. When asked what they considered the right price for an ebook, 70.3% answered $3.99 & under. 49% admitted e-reading has impacted their print book buying and reduced the number of print books they buy.

I was really interested in the results revealed in the remaining questions. When asked, what makes you stop reading a book, the response was that quality was critical. 80% said that the cover impacted their buying decision with 78% saying Amazon reviews influenced their buying decision.
Books GoSocial’s conclusions:
Ebook reading is gathering pace. More ebooks are purchased by those who use an ereader than people who read print books. Social media is more important than book stores or newspaper reviews as a way to find new books. Most readers will read self published books. Amazon book reviews and covers are hugely important, as is quality editing.

A final question: where are you most likely to find book recommendations online if you exclude Amazon? 29.7% indicated Facebook. 

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