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Friday, November 16, 2012

Of Butterflies and Space Travel

Stepped out my door in time to catch the visit of two Sulphur butterflies checking out the two pots of  marigolds by my doorstep. Later that day, I stopped to watch a black swallowtail in flight. With nearby pastures showing a covering of frost these chilly morning, I suspect the days are numbered for butterflies this season. In fact, I wondered that there are so many still about with temperatures dropping to freeze level overnight.It will be a less-colorful world when they have all migrated to warmer climates. So much beauty and pleasure-giving...and yet so transient. Watching them reminded me of how fleeting are so many of the lives of much that inhabits the world we share.

Not only this earth, but just consider our universe. Last night my husband watched a documentary about the final space trip to the moon. Just think, this celestial body is only one of millions inhabiting the unlimited space we share. Sure does boggle the mind!

Considering those two disparate thoughts convinces me there is an intelligence beyond the limitations of the human mind. Call it God, call it a Supreme Being...call it by whatever name you feel comfortable with. But there is no way to deny its existence if you stop to consider butterflies and space bodies.

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That done, take time each day when out of doors to pause and acknowledge the miracles that surround you.

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