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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gratitude Day Special

I'm copying the format for this blog from a great writing blog I subscribe to, Live to Write - Write to Live, written by Diane MacKinnon http://www.dianemackinnon.com/

Writer’s List of Gratitude
3 Books I Am Grateful Got Written So I Could Read Them (Okay, not great grammar, but you get me, right?)
The Good Earth, by Pearl Buck
War and Remembrance, by Herman Wouk
The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron
3 People Who Support Me As A Writer (Even If Still Have a Day Job..)
My husband
My sisters
My critique group
3 Pieces I’m Glad I Wrote:
Comfrey Chatter - my newsletter about herbs
Twist of Fate, because I wanted to make a cultural statement
Some Write Thoughts, I desire to share the lessons I'd learned
3 Places or Things That Support You As a Writer
decaf coffee and dried fruit trail mix
My little cabin
My morning pages
3 Qualities You Love About Yourself As a Writer 
My determination to complete a task
My insatiable interest in words.
Instinctively knowing when the words are right.

Okay, that’s it. Fill this out as fast as you can and bask in your attitude of gratitude. Doesn’t it feel good?

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