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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tweaking Tips

In recent months, I've spent a good amount of time editing manuscripts from several growing-in-the-craft writers. Their subject matter covers several different genres but its come to my attention there are a few things in common. Below I've listed some pointers we all need to remember when we are writing or revising.

  • It's important to read lots of good writing to assimilate a rich vocabulary and absorb what good writing is all about. The correct word to use is not always the first that comes to mind.

  • Forget the exclamation marks. If your scene's actions are power-packed, the reader with feel the emotion implied.

  • Long sentences generally slow down the story's pace. Do you really need to join those two thoughts with an 'and'?

  • Don't just move your characters physically through the action, show how it affects them. Readers want to feel along with your characters.
  • Don't forget dialog is important but people usually move about while speaking
Sometimes it's the not so obvious changes that make all the difference. So, keep on tweaking.

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